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Men and Women reclaim your youth by reversing the biological signs of aging with HGH! Sermorelin.
HCG is a prescription medication (human chorionic gonatropin) that,
when combined with a low-calorie diet can create a potent and effective weight loss.

HCG Diet Price Comparison Covering most of The United States

Average Cost by State.. for a month!

We did a survey by calling all states to find out the average cost of Prescription HCG for the 1st Month and come to find out Meta-Health Weight Management, Inc. is the lowest price yet! Do you dare to compare our prices, call your local facilities and then see if they are under $400 for everything you need, including your doctors visit, consultation, prescription HCG, and everything you need, including a HCG Brochure that in detail goes over the program and a lot of extras. That isn't including the out of town discount! Also, for the second month with our company, it is even lower. Most places are charging for Lab work that doesn't need to be done. Blood work, etc. this is NOT necessary to be on the HCG Diet.


Alabama $699
Alaska $1126
Arizona $849
Arkansas $500-$600
California $900
Colorado $700-$800
Connecticut ?
Delaware $700-$800
Florida $450-$650
Georgia $550-$750
Hawaii $600
Idaho ?
Illinois $500-$600
Indiana $600-$700
Iowa $500-$600
Kansas $600-$800
Kentucky $700-$800
Louisiana $700-$800
Maine $700-$800
Maryland $700-$800
Massachusetts $700-$800
Michigan $550-$600
Minnesota $600-$700
Mississippi $500-$600
Missouri $500-$800     **Our Price is Below $400**
Montana $500-$600
Nebraska $700
Nevada $800
New Hampshire $700-$800
New Jersey $900-$1000
New Mexico ?
New York $1200
North Carolina $700
North Dakota $600-$700
Ohio $600-$700
Oklahoma $600-$700
Oregon $800-$900
Pennsylvania $700
Rhode Island $600-$700
South Carolina $700
South Dakota $600-$700
Tennessee $600-$700
Texas $800-$900
Utah ?
Vermont $700-$800
Virginia $600-$700
Washington $800-$900
West Virgina $700
Wisconsin $600-$700
Wyoming $600-$700



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